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Expert auditing

Auditing annual and semi-annual financial statements has been one of CONSULTATIO's core competencies for decades. We perform audits of individual and group financial statements on the basis of both Austrian and international regulations.

Our auditors also frequently undertake special evaluations including formation and reorganization audits as well as analyses of commercial viability and creditworthiness. We can serve as comptrollers for associations. As part of due diligence assessments we can provide guidance on corporate acquisitions and sales. We also perform due diligence for IPOs and other investment offers.

The basis for our work is the mandatory quality assurance system as well as international auditing standards. We are also authorised by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy to perform audits of capital market-orientated firms.

Auditing services in detail


Risk management, internal control systems and compliance

Other audits and evaluations 

Financial reporting

IT system audits and software implementation

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